Free Members will get support but please note it may be delayed due to priority.

Lifetime Members do not setup SMTP, domains etc so the information below is mostly for Advanced Members.

Please ensure you have watched the set up videos and followed the user guide. You will directed there if your answer is already available.

Check below for common issues and only open a ticket if none of the information is applicable and you have a problem that needs an answer

Setting up your own Hosting SMTP server

Validating the sending domain

Once you add the records in the DNS editor the time the records take to propagate depends on the individual hosting companies set up, some hosting is almost instant whilst others can take up to 48 hours

Please do not open a ticket in relation to your sending domain records until 48 hours have passed

Tracking Domain

Once you have added the tracking domain record, you can check it is set up correctly by copying it and pasting it into a browser, the link should point the login page, if you see this page the tracking record is set up correctly

Delivery Server

There are 2 main ports used for the delivery server set up

If you have a secure site (https) the port is 465

If your site is not secure (http)the port is generally 587

If you try this set up and get an error, please contact your hosting to check the outbound port for SMTP and retry

3RD Party Servers

If you are connecting to a 3rd party service, you do not technically need to set up your own SMTP server or validate the sending domain because this is done directly using records provided by the 3rd party service but we would always recommend you set up your own SMTP as backup

 If you still need help to set up or use the app please open a support ticket below

​​​Please provide as much information as possible to help us help you in the quickest time.

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