6. Setting Up Your Autoresponder Sequences

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This is the option to send multiple emails to the same person (or lists) over time.

Generally, you will send daily or weekly emails but you do have the option to send at different periods as shown.

So  first create a new campaign and select AUTORESPONDER as the type

SAVE  AND NEXT – then fill in the campaign details:


Continue to edit your template – here we see the TAGS menu with required tags:

And the first message is ready with the proper tags added:

 takes you to the confirmation page where you set the date and time – usually the ACTIVATE AT field is left at the current time and the AUTORESPONDER EVENT set to AFTER-SUBSCRIBE.

The AUTORESPONDER TIME VALUE should be 0 so the first message will go out as soon as the subscribers signs up.

Continue on and finish up with that campaign, then create a new autoresponder campaign to the same list

When you add the second email you will set the time value to 1 and that email is sent 1 day after

(You can also set the exact time for each email to be sent if you wish.)

You will see the autoresponder messages in your AUTORESPONDERS lists.

RECAP: Adding further emails to the autoresponder

TIP: Make a note of the date/time you created the first email autoresponder and activated it.

Create the follow-up emails in the same way as the first email  autoresponder campaign

When you get to the activate screen change the date/time to the original email message so all follow-ups will go out using the first email as the starting date.

Set the time interval to 1 if you want to send daily/weekly based on the time unit you choose and repeat this process for additional emails making sure to set the date and time to the original date/time


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