4. Email your subscribers using campaigns

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Email your subscribers using campaigns.

1: Create A Campaign. See Video Here


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Click on “create your first campaign”

Enter your campaign name

Choose the type of campaign you want to send, regular is a broadcast type message which can be sent immediately or queued to send later and autoresponder message is a follow up message to send in a sequence over a period of days or months

Select the list you wish to send the message to and click save and next.

In the campaign set up screen you will see the fields are filled in with the default information you added in the profile section.

Add your subject

In the campaign options section, you can select the tracking options you want to collect

You can select to track emails that are opened and clicked once they are opened

 – this is a short summary text that follows the subject line when your email is delivered in to the inbox

Many mobile, desk top and webmail clients provide this to tip you off about what’s in the email before opening it.

A really useful feature is the ability to send a campaign only to people who opened or clicked previous emails and also to people who didn’t

You can select 1 or more than 1 previous campaigns

This is especially effective to increase conversions and ROI sending your 2nd message only to the people who didn’t open the previous emails and it also keeps your subscribers happy along the way because they don’t get duplicate emails

You can also send to a segment of a list and set the number you want to send to and you can select to randomize this so the number you want to send to are from a cross section of that list

Once you have checked all of the fields click save and next.

The default screen you will see is the HTML editor. You can toggle the template builder to drag and drop premade sections to create an email.

Click the “Available Tags” link in the editor to copy and paste the tags to your campaign

You can select a pre-made template from your saved templates by clicking change/select template (or go to gallery and import a template to your saved templates)

The template opens up in the editor….

Edit your emails text, pictures, etc. and save it.

Then send a test email to yourself to check all is well.

The link to do that is at the top right of the template.

Click “save and next” to schedule the email to be sent

To set the date/time for a regular email click the date field and set the date/time to send which can be immediately or at a time in future using the calender feature

TIP: To send immediately just go to  SEND Campaign at the bottom of the page. Don’t bother setting a time – it will go out right way.

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