2. Create a list

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Create a list

1: Create a list.  See video here

Click “Create your first email list”


Enter the general data required

You will see a help box as you fill in each field that gives you useful information. Make sure the from email and reply email are correct, it will be defaulted to the email you used to sign up but don’t worry if you don’t have the email you want to use, this can be added later

By default we require double opt in since single opt in doesn’t send a confirmation email which is now a CAN_SPAM Violation. Double opt in  requires your subscriber to confirm before being added to your list which protects you from account suspension due to spam complaints.

Subject can be whatever you like and this is added to each campaign

Notifications can be sent to inform you of any new subscribers and any unsubscribers and you can select to use this. Once you have more than 1 list you can set various other actions such as


Once you have created at least two different lists you can set the subscriber actions below so, for example, say you have a prospects list and a buyers list you would set the action here to unsubscribe from the prospects list when a customer subscribed to the Buyers list.

Company Details

These details are pulled through from the account profile you created when you first got access to the app. Once again these details are now mandatory according to CAN-SPAM law. If you want this list to be sent from a different sender or company you can simply add the new details here

Click save and the list has been created

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