1. Overview New Members Setup

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Welcome – don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information here! Basically you will

1 create a list

2 then add subscribers to it by putting signup forms on your website

3 and once you have subscribers you will be emailing them (sending campaigns).

There are a bunch of optional things you can do like customizing all the emails and signup forms etc. but I recommend you just start slowly – Make a list – add the form-code to your site.  Send emails (campaigns) to your subscribers. That’s the essentials and it is not hard to setup!

If you get stuck anywhere along the way check the tutorials and if that doesn’t fix the issue then just send me an email via the ticket desk. You will get a speedy friendly reply! Lets start!

New Members Setup Files

Setup up is mostly done for New Members. You will be using the default settings provided by our servers as well as sending through our servers. Paid Members can subscribe as many subscribers as they wish from the sign up forms on their websites. If needed we can import a previous list of up to 500 validated opt-ins for our Paid Members.

What is in the tutorials?

Tutorials are both in video format and text and pictures walk-through as well.

HINT: When setting up the sections of your account you will see a help-box pop-up by placing the cursor in any field box.

You will need to do the following steps to create a list and send campaigns:

Create a list
Get your form codes
Adding Subscribers
Create A Campaign

Some More Topics Covered In This Knowledge Base:
Create a list
Get your form codes
Adding Subscribers
Create A Campaign
Customizing Email Sign Up Fields
Single/Double opt in
Create Segments
Setting up an automatic redirect from your landing page
The template builder
Spam compliant
Setting Up Your Autoresponder Sequences
Editing built in pages



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