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Defying the odds for over 15 years.

How does a new startup take on the big guns of the email delivery world and not only survive but thrive, for almost 16 years? You’ve got to do things differently!

We don’t have the fanciest website and we don’t spend a million dollars on Facebook and Google ads.

Instead, we’ve focused on offering the highest-resource plans for 90% less than the other guys.

We try to provide the best customer service possible and to help in any way we can. We are personal and available.

Our customers word of mouth is our main source of advertising and we like it like that 🙂

Come on board now and see why thousands of people tell us that Rapid Response Mail is the best kept secret in email delivery!

Don’t understand what our service is? It’s simple

We provide the forms you place on your website that allows visitors to sign up for your newsletter or email series. Once signed up they can automatically receive your emails over a period of days or weeks. This is all done on the web using our servers – nothing to host or install. Here is one of many possible examples of what this looks like:

For example if you had a cooking course and wanted to send out a lesson a week you would make the email lessons just once and anyone signing up to the autoresponder would automatically start receiving Lesson One followed the next week by Lesson Two etc. No need to do anything on your part after the initial setup.

You are probably on many autoresponders already yourself – like eBay, Facebook, and hundreds of other companies. Any place you signed up with your email for more information or to register on a site used an autoresponder service like ours.

The benefits are enormous – you build up a client list of people who are interested in your service or product or information. They don’t just land on your site never to be seen again. You can stay in touch with them and they have asked you to do so by signing up to get your newsletter.

Every single professional business uses an autoresponder service. It is a necessity to keep customers and clients who are interested in you. We provide this service to you at a great price and great support!

If you need more information just hit the contact LINK and email us.. we are always ready to help!

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