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This information does not apply to Free or Lifetime Accounts 

Advanced Lifetime Members Info

We have created pre-configured API connections with 17 of the leading email service providers 6 of which,  provide a free monthly allowance

You can see the list in the drop down menu in the delivery server set up

If you already have an account with any of these providers all you need is your API key and your mail settings and you can connect the app to your account package

If you don’t have an account with any of the providers it is very easy to create an account and each service provides info on what is required to set the account up.

As part of the set up requirements, you will need to verify your sending domain, tracking domain and bounce server in the same way you do when setting up your own hosting SMTP

If you want to take advantage of the free allowances available, we suggest starting out with Sparkpost and Elasticemail who together provide a massive 165,000 emails per month for free with easy account set up and verifications

Here is the Elasticemail template, as you can see its very simple and requires the basic info to be added from your 3rd party account

To qualify for the increased free allowance requires you to set up billing with a valid payment method but you set the app to limit the number of emails sent per hour, day, and month as you can see in the template so the limit is never exceeded

Sending via 3rd party services

It is important to understand how the system works with 3rd party servers

You will be required by each 3rd party company to verify your sending domain, bounce server and tracking domain in the same way you will have set up your own hosting SMTP adding records in you cpanel DNS for each company

If you are sending via 1 or more 3rd party services please make sure you do not select any bounce server or tracking domain in the campaign set up screen

This is automatically applied by the individual 3rd party companies and you can log in to your account to see detailed stats

You are only required to select the tracking domain and bounce server when sending from your own hosting SMTP.

Setting your sending limits

You will see in the templates for all the sending servers a field to add a monthly limit and a field to add an hourly limit.

If you have a new domain with no previous sending record we suggest limiting your sending quotas to the maximum permitted in a 24-hour period by each of the providers, for example

Elasticemail 200 per hour (4,800 per day)

If you want to send the maximum allowance in a 24-hour period this is the way to guarantee you will never exceed the free allowance

This is called warming up your IP and you can find further information in the members area

If you are sending less than the daily free allocation, you can start to increase this hourly limit once you have some good open and click ratios with no bounces

Important best practice tips

Read the information we have provided to get good deliverability, you must approach this very clearly and understand to take advantage of this free allocation you must be sending emails that do not get flagged in anyway,

You cannot hope or expect to send campaigns that bounce, have a low open rate and generally read like spam because you will run the risk of your account with any third party being closed

Under no circumstances buy any list data because it will be flagged and your account most likely suspended by the 3rd party service

Remember, these services have a very high delivery rate and to maintain this level of service requires them to monitor all email very carefuly

Start out slowy sending to the most engaged segments of your lists, these are the people who open your emails and click through most often

This is an extremely valuable resource available to you for free so take extra care to look after it and you will get massive success with your email campaigns

Once you have built your list beyond this number it is highly recommended to upgrade to a paid plan with any one of the 12 providers because the quality of the service and the results they delivery are simply poles apart from the typical monthly autoresponder companies like aweber and get response

To send 10,000 emails can cost as little as 90 cents but when you compare the delivery to a typical autoresponder service like aweber there really is no comparison

Here is the list of the 6 providing a free monthly allocation

Elastic Email 150,000 per month

Sparkpost 15,000 per month

Maligun 10000

Mailjet 6000

Sendgrid 3000

Amazon SES 62,000

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